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Stretching the Truth
Feb 18, 2012

Yes it’s true, believe it or not people lie and stretch the truth in
their profiles, you never would have guessed right? In fact, almost
everyone does it to some extent. After all, you are trying to sell
yourself, and who’s going to admit to being a fat lazy slob with a
tendency to make rude bodily noises. Instead, you might describe
yourself in a positive light − “I’m an average looking, outgoing
carefree person…”
Now I’m sure that no one is impressed when your date turns
out to be someone completely different to what they described.
But when the shoe is on the other foot and you are trying to get a
date, you’d be surprised at how many people are willing to stretch
the truth.
This would have to lead, without a doubt, to the biggest shock
people get when meeting people in real life. They are often nothing
like what they described themselves to be.
But you met them right?, and that’s the whole point. Stretching
the truth is an easy way to increase your chances of getting a
date, and it really does work. A few choice words in your profile
can make you sound like a dream come true. Likewise in that the
wrong choice of words can make you the biggest loser of all time.
However, you really must be careful about what you stretch
the truth about. It might be ok to say you have a great sense of
humour when you have never laughed a day in your life, or you
are intelligent even though you can barely add two and two. These
are all subjective things that are not judged equally by either party.
Maybe you are thinking that a little white lie isn’t going to hurt
anyone, and when the person does actually meet you they’ll fall in
love with the real you, so what will it matter how you got the date
right? – Wrong. People don’t like being lied to, and it’s bad enough
when you don’t turn out to be what they had pictured, let alone
what you told them you were.
Of course, we are talking about things that are immediately
obvious here, and an example of one of the easiest things to judge
is a person’s body type. If you say that your body type is ‘average’
when you are really obese or anorexic, it’s pretty easy to spot and
your date will most likely not be impressed. It’s tough, but that’s
the reality of Internet dating and real-life dating in general.
The rule would have to be don’t try and stretch the truth about
things that will be immediately obvious when someone meets you.
For example, your body type, hair colour, height, or the number
of body piercings. A ‘nice wholesome down to earth person’ does
not mean pink spiked hair, tattoos and nose ring, even if you think
you look average and down to earth. You really should try to put
aside your personal opinions and think how society in general
judges you. Some people won’t care, but the majority will.
So how about stretching the truth a bit on less obvious things…
‘customer sales executive’ when you are really a checkout chick at
the supermarket, ‘financially secure’ when you really owe the bank
half a million, ‘carefree’ when you are really seeking stress
Obviously these are things that people may not find out until
such time as you tell them, and by then you are once again hoping
that you’ll be in a perfect relationship and it won’t matter right?
Wrong again, you run the risk of digging yourself an even deeper
hole than when you first started. Try it at your own risk.
If you are in any doubt as to how to word something in your
profile, then it is best left out altogether. That way at least you
cannot be accused of stretching the truth.
So stretching the truth in your profile is a very fine but blurred
line, and you really have to understand what you are doing before
you even attempt it. The Internet gives you the power to be anyone
you want to be, and everyone attempts to use it to their advantage
to some extent. How far you take it is up to you, just be ready to
accept the consequences.
Honesty is always the best policy in the world of Internet dating,
but fibbers get more dates!

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