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How can I help to make International dating site b
May 23, 2012

How can I help to make this site better?

First of all, the best a help for the... more

Feb 06, 2012

IMPORTANT: beware of scammers! On ANY dating site some women or man may try to extract money from you. Here... more

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Scanning your photo
Feb 18, 2012

If you haven’t used a scanner before and don’t know much about it
then it’s best to get some advice, as it’s not just as simple as putting
in your photo and disk and clicking a button!<br>
Most sites will only accept photos in .JPG or .GIF format as these
are the only formats recognised by web browsers. Some sites will
automatically convert your photo for you if it’s in another format;
but really you should be prepared and have your photo in one of
these two formats. JPG format is by far the best and most common,
don’t bother with GIF if you can avoid it.<br>
Your photo should be in true colour format and less than 100KB
in file size. The size is very important and allows your photo to
upload and display faster. Some image editing and conversion
programs can change the quality of your JPG image to reduce the
file size, and you will probably be surprised that it makes very little
or no difference to the quality of the photo. Some photos can easily
be halved in file size or more and still retain the same quality, such
is the flexibility of the JPG format.<br>
The file size is especially important when sending your photo as
an attachment via email. Most people are not amused when they
just jump on the Net quickly to read their email only to find that
they have a 2MB image file as an attachment that takes 20 minutes
to download! You only have to have this done to you once to realise
how frustrating it is.<br>
Many scanners will default to high resolution like 300dpi (dots
per inch) and bitmap image formats like BMP or TIF. These are
useless for our needs unless you are scanning for image editing at a
later stage. You will find 75 or 100 dpi to be the best options when
scanning photos, as this will give you reasonable detail, small file
and image size without any conversion. So make sure you select
JPG format and the dpi resolution before scanning. The smaller
the resolution you select the smaller the final file size and actual
image size will be.<br>
You should be aiming for a final image size of less than about
300 pixels square, anything bigger than that is fine for sending to
people by email but not for uploading onto sites.
Lastly, keep your photo in a handy folder or directory on your
drive so you can easily upload it onto sites and attach to emails. It’s
also a good idea to keep a copy somewhere publicly accessible on
the web, that way you can send the URL address directly to people
when in chat rooms, etc. It will also allow you to access it away
from your home machine. Some sites also allow you to specify the
URL address to upload your photo from, so you don’t have to be at
your own machine to upload it.

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