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How can I help to make International dating site b
May 23, 2012

How can I help to make this site better?

First of all, the best a help for the... more

Feb 06, 2012

IMPORTANT: beware of scammers! On ANY dating site some women or man may try to extract money from you. Here... more

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Profile screening
Feb 18, 2012

When you post your profile, many sites will automatically run a
program that searches for contact information like email addresses,
ICQ numbers, phone numbers and personal web site addresses.
Adding contact details such as these to your profile is against the
policy of most sites that charge a fee for contacting someone. Many
people try and get around this in the vain hope that they will
somehow get more email. But doing so just makes you look
blatently dishonest, and this is obviously not the best first
impression. It is in fact one of the worst things you can do.
People use many elaborate ways to try and get around these
limitations. Some of them are in fact so elaborate and cryptic that
most people do not even recognise them, so it’s simply a waste of
In general the only thing these techniques do is help attract
low quality replies. These people are often not serious, and are just
trying to get something for nothing. These techniques are
unfortunately becoming very popular, and their proliferation is
jeopardising the livelihood of some very good personals sites. Most
people get caught out eventually, and their profile is removed. They
have just ruined their chances, in which case you can thank them
for giving you less competition.
Some people also try and edit their photo to include their email
address or other contact information, which may seem like a clever
trick at first, but it’s guaranteed not to work. Photos are always
screened by the web master before going online.

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