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How can I help to make International dating site b
May 23, 2012

How can I help to make this site better?

First of all, the best a help for the... more

Feb 06, 2012

IMPORTANT: beware of scammers! On ANY dating site some women or man may try to extract money from you. Here... more

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Password protecting your photo
Feb 18, 2012

Many sites allow you to put a password on your photo which forces
people to email you and ask you for the password. You get to decide
if you want that person to see your photo. This is a good and often
used option by females as it gives you a sense of control. Guys should
not bother; either put your photo up or not. Every other guy will
have his photo displayed so why would a girl waste her time paying
to email you to find out your password? She would have to really
like the sound of your profile. Males with a password on their photo
are generally considered as having something to hide. The same
can also be said for females to a slightly lesser extent. Avoid using a
password unless you have some compelling reason to do so.

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