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How can I help to make International dating site b
May 23, 2012

How can I help to make this site better?

First of all, the best a help for the... more

Feb 06, 2012

IMPORTANT: beware of scammers! On ANY dating site some women or man may try to extract money from you. Here... more

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Member of the Week
Feb 18, 2012

Some sites will have member of the day/week/month, which will
have the privilege of having their profile plastered over the main
page. If you get on here you can expect some serious email.
How do you get on there? Well this all depends on the site, but
most of them will mention how the members are selected. Usually
it involves having been emailed recently, in which case you can send
yourself an email (or three) and boost your chances that way. Sad
maybe, but hey only you will know. Emailing yourself may cost
money, but if you have paid to have your profile listed for free (you
should if you are serious) then you can email yourself for free which
makes for even better value.
Some sites only give ‘free email’ status to those who are event
organisers; yet another reason for organising an event. Imagine
if out of tens of thousands of profiles, yours is the only one that
can be emailed for free; you can do it if you are keen enough.

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