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How can I help to make International dating site b
May 23, 2012

How can I help to make this site better?

First of all, the best a help for the... more

Feb 06, 2012

IMPORTANT: beware of scammers! On ANY dating site some women or man may try to extract money from you. Here... more

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Getting Maximum Exposure
Feb 18, 2012

Some sites allow you to pay extra money to have your profile made
more visible, which can mean putting you at the top of search results
or displaying your profile on the main page.
The smart and serious Internet dater will use this to get ahead of
the pack, as a little cost is nothing when it comes to looking for
your perfect match. It can cost less than a typical dinner date, so
it’s a wise investment.
These techniques work, and work well, use them to your
advantage. Or choose to ignore them and let your competition get
all the dates.
However, be careful to make sure you have a good profile and
photo to go along with it or you’ll just be wasting your money.
Obviously if you look like a serial killer and spell worse than a seven
year old, then people aren’t going to be very tempted to email you,
even if your name is up in lights and you can be emailed for free.
Also there is little point doing this for unpopular or unsuitable
sites. It goes without saying if you are looking for someone from
America it’s silly to pay for your profile on a mostly Australian site.
Choose your site carefully. Use the site first and get a ‘feel’ for it and
how it works before deciding to hand over your money for extra
exposure. Some sites, especially ones that have just started up can
be very user unfriendly, and in some cases be almost unusable. They
will also have very few profiles. Stick with the popular well known

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